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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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Khaasi  (Wlr)

Palanng (and other Moti-Klraer


Da lift i     .
Da 115. hi
Da Ha iS


h& .
Dep ha
I ai i

Shi  hyrabJvw i  yrta  une u

Katfiiah    ehngm    tine    tn.
Kashmir ?

Shi hymbaw bai i ban tynnni
& ah ti sni u pa'ra ?

Dang IB da eh'agtu dhep ie
a lie nge.

17 hfiw n new age shka pltrai
n ti ka, para ti.

Ti sm   ah  k&  jin n kurai

Tai ka jin ti tympong n

Da shoh 0 u hiin a bon  ot

A sharai za&ssow a. intteual

Shkia a tikn&i karai U poh
ute u

Bap   karong   bore TSL para
u ha ka parffi n.

I ddr ile a'pktah,

IT '-pa 0 BkMm ta ti to i

Ai lease ka tyagka ti

214.  \Ve -went

215.  You went

216.  They went
217   Go.

218.  Going.

219.  Gone

220.  What is yo-arti&me ?

221.  How old is this horse P

How far is it from here
to Kashmir?

223. How many sons are
there m your father's

224. I have walked a long
•way to-day.

225* Th,e aon of my ttncle is
married to his sister.

226. In the house is the sad-
dle of the white horse

227   Put   the   saddle  upon
his back.

228   I have beaten his son
with many stripes.

229. He is grazing cattle on
the top of the hill,

230. He is sittang- on a horse
under thaft tree

231, His   brother   is   taller
than his sister.

232   The pnoe of that is two
rupees «nd a half.

My father Hvea in that
Ismail house.

Give this rupee to him.